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Embarking on an art project starts with the right craft supplies!   It can be very time consuming to shop around at various stores locally to find what you need.  If you are looking for unique washi tape to spice up a scrapbooking page, a special jewelry clasp that will add the finishing touch to your jewelry piece, or colorful pony beads that will make your kids jump up and down with excitement...then look no further!  For more information about our craft supplies, please click on the pictures/links below.

Adhesive, Tape, Velcro, washi tape, duct tape, double sided tape, foam tape
beads, pony beads, acrylic beads, heart beads, red beads, green beads childrens beads, beads for kids
Adhesives, Tape, Velcro
Bags, Boxes, Wraps
Bows, Bow Ties


calligraphy, calligraphy set, calligraphy pens, learn calligraphyy
candles, favor candles, birthday candles, novelty candles, unicorn candles, polka dot candles, stripe candles
cardboard shapes, cardboard, corrugated cardboard shapes, blank squares, blank rectangles, blank signs
charms, pendants, jewelry tassels, connectors
Cardboard, Cardboard Shapes


cork, cork supply, cork supplies, cork stoppers, wine corks
doilies, doily, black doilies, paper doilies, red doilies, craft doilies
embellishments, pom poms, rhinestones, sequins, carrot noses
embossing folders, embossings, embossers, handmade card embosser
Embossing Folders

erasers, black magic erasers, art erasers, charcoal erasers, colored pencil eraser, pastel pencil erasers
eyes, craft eyes, googly eyes, wiggle eyes, moving eyes, eyes for crafts, doll eyes

feathers, ostrich feathers, guinea fowl feathers, colored feathers, craft feathers

flower petals, rose petals, fake petals, faux petals, petal toss
Flower and Rose Petals


craft hardware, hinges, album posts, picture hanging hardware, glazing points
iron ons, decals, iron on decal, sport decals
jewelry findings, jump rings, clasps, lobster clasps, connectors, jewelry chains, double rings, split rings
natural, bird nests, grapevine, grapevine wreaths, raffia
Iron Ons
Jewelry Findings


palettes, art palettes, painting palette, paint palette, palette with wells
paper mache, papier mache, paper mache shapes, paper mache boxes
picks, flag picks, cupcake picks, cupcake toppers
pins, needles, cross stitch needles, needlepoint needles, corsage pins, safety pins
Paper Mache
Pins, Needles


plastic canvas, plastic canvas shapes, cross plastic canvas, round plastic canvas, canvas mesh, square plastic canvas, star plastic canvas
quilling tool, quilling tools, quilling, quilling ruler
ribbon, string, cord, wire, jewelry wire, bakers twine, bead cord, satin ribbon
signs, blank signs, square signs, rectangle signs, sale signs, slate sign
Plastic Canvas
Ribbons, Cord, String, Wire


stationery, envelopes, invitations
styrofoam, styrofoam balls, foam balls
suction cups, suction cup with hook, suction cup hooks
tools, craft tools, art tools, clay tools, stab tools, grab tools, folding tools, scoring tools
Suction Cups


craft sticks, art sticks, craft picks, colored sticks, popsicle sticks, spoon sticks, clothespins
Wood, Wood Shapes
wreath form, wreath frame, metal wreath form, metal wreath frame
Wreath Forms


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