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Craft Supplies

Embarking on an art project starts with the right craft supplies!   It can be very time consuming to shop around at various stores locally to find what you need.  If you are looking for unique washi tape to spice up a scrapbooking page, a special jewelry clasp that will add the finishing touch to your jewelry piece, or colorful pony beads that will make your kids jump up and down with excitement...then look no further!  For more information about our craft supplies, please click on the pictures/links below.

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cork, cork supply, cork supplies, cork stoppers, wine corks



eyes, craft eyes, googly eyes, wiggle eyes, moving eyes, eyes for crafts, doll eyes
feathers, ostrich feathers, guinea fowl feathers, colored feathers, craft feathers
flower petals, rose petals, fake petals, faux petals, petal toss
Flower and Rose Petals






suction cups, suction cup with hook, suction cup hooks
Suction Cups







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