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Craft Kits

Explore your creativity with craft kits!  Crafted Gift Company offers a wide variety of craft kits for kids and grown ups alike!  If you want to try your hand at basket weaving, tatting, knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, cross stitching, doll making, mosaics, quilting, color by number kits, etc., we have a wonderful collection of craft kits to choose from.  Light that creative spark that you, your loved ones, or your friends have with these great craft kits!


Basket Weave Kits
Basket Weave Kits
Bead, Bracelet, and
Necklace Kits
Coloring Kits


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Cross Stitch Kits, Cross Stitch Kits for Kids, Cross Stitching Kits
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mosaic craft kits, mosaic kits, mosaics for kids, mosaic craft
Crochet, Knitting Kits
Cross Stitch Kits
Doll Making Kits
Mosaic Kits


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tatting kits, tatting craft kits, learn tatting, beginner tatting, lacemaking craft kit, lacemaking kits
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woodmaking kit, wood craft kits, wood modeling kits, wood model kits, craft kits for boys
Quilting Kits
Tatting Kits
Weaving Kits
Wood Kits

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Miscellaneous Craft Kits

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