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Crafty Kids Are Happy Kids!

Arts and Crafts are so important for child development.  It helps with motor skills, literacy, math concepts, self-esteem, and of course, creativity!  But most importantly...crafting is FUN!  Here are some featured craft kits for kids that will make them smile!  We offer wood craft kits, doll making kits, beginner basket weave kits, knitting kits, mosaic kits, color by number kits, and so much more!

rag doll kit (hft4715), doll making kit, doll craft kit


Practical and beautiful - learn the art of basket weaving!

It is an amazing feeling being able to turn raw materials into works of art.  Basket weaving is a fun and relaxing activity that people of many cultures have enjoyed for thousands of years. These basket weaving kits will teach you basic skills and techniques to create various styles of baskets.  We offer beginner basket weave kits and advanced basket weaving kits.   All of these basket craft kits come with the materials you need and will inspire your appreciation for traditional basketry. 

Our Craft Supplies

Embarking on an art project starts with the right craft supplies!  If you are looking for unique washi tape, a special jewelry clasp, or colorful pony beads...then look no further!  Check out our craft supplies here.  We've featured some of our favorite embellishment craft supplies (rhinestones, googly eyes, and sequins) below: 

Googly Eyes
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eyes, craft eyes, googly eyes, wiggle eyes, moving eyes, googlie eyes, googley eyes, wiggley eyes, doll eyes

sequins, gold sequins, green sequins, red sequins, craft sequins, round sequins, square sequins, cup sequins



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