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The Complete Pine Needle Basket Kit - makes a 4 - 6in. Basket (tck-cbpn)

$ 29.54
SKU tck-cbpn

Learn how to weave a pine needle basket! Step-by-step you will learn how to coil and stitch a fragrant pine needle basket of your own design. Choose from eight easy basketry stitches and a variety of lovely basket shapes. As you stitch your basket, you will find all the cares of the world fading away - a wonderful, calming activity!

Prepare to spend some time on this project. It could take about 6 hours over several days.

This kit contains pine needles, raffia, a tapestry needle, a coiling gauge, and a 12-page full color instructional booklet. You will need water, pot to boil or soak needles, towel, ruler, and scissors. Makes a 4-6 inch basket.

Ages 12 and up. Adult participation necessary for younger ages. Made in the USA.