Lavender Pom Poms - Tissue Paper - 3 Pc Set (pm892200386)

$ 6.99

These Tissue Paper Lavender Pom Poms have a delicate flowery appearance that makes any occasion look special. The vibrant lavender color and varying sizes are the perfect addition to your event décor. These lavender pom-poms ship out pre-cut and folded flat. All it takes to assemble is to tie the included string in the middle, then fan out the tissue on both sides. Next pull up each layer of tissue paper towards the center and finally fluff out the pom-pom to your liking. Use these poms as part of your lavender party decor for parties, baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and more. Set includes 3 poms: one 8 inch, one 12 inch, and one 15 inch.

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