Early American Cornhusk Doll Kit (hft4710)

$ 14.54

Cornhusk dolls were very common in the early days of America. In the seventeenth century, American colonists from Europe saw corn for the first time growing in Indian villages, and they soon found many uses for it. The husks were braided into rugs, baskets, dolls, etc. Colonial children played with cornstalk horses, spears and muskets. The cornhusk doll, however, was by far, the most popular of these primitive toys.

This Early American Cornhusk Doll Kit includes real corn husks, string, fabric to make an apron and scarf, pattern, instructions, and history.

This is a great kit for school projects. This doll also makes a nice centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table or mantle decoration and looks pretty in a large wreath. Cornhusk dolls can be made with or without the fabric additions. Size varies due to the length of the cornhusks.

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